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If like my wife and I, (we lose around $15,000 a year, a third of our income through this scam), you lose your UK state pension, or indeed any other overseas contributory government pension and you feel you have been duped or may even have already protested and got nowhere, with two clicks on the links below you can e-mail all the MPs to register your complaint, ask a question or whatever.
In the subject line, just put your name, headings such as pension theft, section 70 etc can be blocked and filtered so MPs do not receive e-mail's.
The official figures are here
These e-mails are a three pronged approach,
1: To remind those MPs including Key, English, Turia and Bennett, directly involved in the abuse that we are not going away.
2: To raise awareness to those decent MPs who may not realise what is going on.
3: To find out how MPs think one way or the other so that we can list them accordingly.
If you have had dealings with any MP and can say they are either for or against change, please let us know.

Be polite but firm in all your dealings with these MPs, do not give them any excuse to block your addresses.
If you have trouble with the links let me know, email me here
If after sending a the e-mails, you get an email pop into your inbox saying an email address was not deliverable do not worry, Parliament's e-mails addresses will change from time to time but all other e-mails will have been delivered.

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If you don't want to use your own words, copy and paste the facts and questions below into your email, we need to know which Ministers are for and against us.

The level of the theft can be seen here here
The legislation that causes the problem is Section 70 of the Social Security Act 1964.
It is fine when dealing with overseas government pensions that are similar to New Zealand Superannuation, non contributory, residency based.
The problem arises when it is applied to those government pensions from overseas that are contributory, paid for out of earnings and in the case of the UK State pension, with contributions from employers as well.
These pensions are deducted from New Zealand Superannuation, cleverly stolen by outdated Section 70 which the government refuses to update because it is revenue easily taken off us the most vulnerable, the elderly.
Section 70 is Immoral but legal, private pensions and incomes from any other sources are not affected by it.
Challenges by individuals are met with the full force of government funds, top notch barristers and supportive judges which merely prove the legality but not the morality of Section 70.

There are many we know who are upset by this theft so if you want to share this page, copy this link

and paste it into an e-mail to them.
Give it a go, you never know, we have nothing to lose and please contact us here if you know of any MPs for or against.
Those MPs who do not reply will automatically be classed as "MPs who do not care".

Cheers and good luck,

Bob Newcombe