Benefits Review Committee call to Bob Newcombe 10 October 2017

This call to me is about my call for a review by the BR Committee in 2013 but which went out of the 3 month limit so therefore the Committee had to decide after the call as to whether I could be heard at the Committee, in other words I had to put forward good reasons to appear..

In our challenge at the UNHRC, the govt stated in its review of my compliant that I had not exhausted the appeals process which was true, why bother with the BRC when others with UK pensions had lost so an appearance before it would be a waste of time.

Also I had not appeared before the Human Rights Review Tribunal so off to the Office of Human Rights Proceedings and like many before that was refused because of "insufficient office funds" or whatever words it uses to deny us justice.
Under the Official Information Act I questioned how many others had been refused representation at the Tribunal over the unfair application of Section 70, answer I was the 13th, so much for democracy.

In it I stressed that I did not have to prove unfiair, discriminatory and inequitable treatment by the MSD, its own 2004/5 reviews had alrady admitted the treatment which is as the UN Convention On Human Rights declares is human rights abuse.

I also stated that I needed to appear before the BRC in order to to continue with another challenge at the UNHRC.

Anyway here is the link to the call which lasted 20 minutes it's 19megs so hopefully you can download or it may just stream depending on your server.